Rouge River

One of the top whitewater rivers in North America. Draining from the western Laurentian Mountains, the Rouge river cascades down through the ancient granite of the Canadian Shield. The Rouge is a free flowing river. The rafting is excellent all season long. There are two sections to the Rouge: the Harrington Canyon and Seven Sisters. We start the season on the Harrington Canyon when the spring runoff is peak and the water is running too high and fast for the Seven Sisters. Throughout the summer the Seven Sisters section provides challenging, technical, continuous rapids with warmer water.

InSpring: The Canyon features a big breaking wave that has been known to occasionally toss 16 feet rafts over at high water levels. It is followed by some other serious events like "Confusion", "Turbo", and the "Surprise".

From June to October: The Seven Sistes Rapids, is a series of dramatic ledge drops that cascade into the dynamic Washing Machine.


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