Classification of the rapids

This information is for your whitewater enjoyment : Classes of rapids: This is an abbreviation of the International Scale of Whitewater Classification that runs from Class I (easy) to Class VI (extreme).

In between, all sorts of rapids are grouped allowing you to anticipate the degree of difficulty of a particular river section before undertaking it. It should be noted that rivers are increased one class group when they are in spring conditions or are located in a wilderness area. A river that is rated Class IV will therefore become Class V in the early season.

Class I

flat water, small current, easy for open canoe

Class II

Small waves, some obstructions that are easily avoided, spirited water for open canoe.

Class III

Large waves, hydraulics, eddies with surging boils, but routes are straightforward with little objective danger. Advanced water for open canoe without special rigging.

Class IV

Exciting waves and hydraulics, strong eddies, routes requiring precise maneuvers, long wave trains. Not recommended for open canoes, advanced water for kayakers.

Class V

Heavy whitewater with serious objective hazards, steep drops, heavy volume, exploding waves, major hydraulics. Precision maneuvers with no errors are required.

Class VI

Generally outside the scope of navigation due to the nature of the river. Extreme whitewater suitable for teams of specially prepared experts only.

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